March 2010


Nutrition vs. Rx Treatment

Most practitioners realize the effects of a proper diet on ocular and systemic health. But, is there enough scientific evidence that nutritional supplementation is beneficial in disease prevention, treatment and management?

Don’t Lose Your Myopes to Presbyopia

You can keep early and emerging presbyopes happy and comfortable in their contact lenses.

Beyond Presbyopia

What are some of the therapeutic purposes of multifocal correction outside of presbyopia management?

The Role of Contact Lenses in Amblyopia

Here are some helpful strategies in amblyopia treatment you can employ in your practice.

Strategies for Success

What do you do for your contact lens-dependent patient with ocular surface disease?


Derail Dropouts

How to Conquer Discomfort

Learn fitting strategies that can have a significant impact on successful lens wear.

Down on the Pharm

Strong, Yet Gentle

A French import is on its way to the United States in the form of a “new” treatment for patients with herpes simplex keratitis.


Beneath and Within the Lids and Lashes

During a contact lens evaluation, the most crucial ocular appendages we review are the lids and lashes.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Torics Decoded

These techniques will assist practitioners in toric lens fittings and improve the fit for wearers, as well.

Lens Care Update

Spit in Your Eye

Exactly how harmful is the practice of licking contact lenses prior to insertion?

Naked Eye

Examining the Red Eye

What is the importance of caliber, location and hue in ocular redness?


Out of the Box

The Contact Lens Tortoise vs. the Eyeglass Hare

How do contact lens sales affect your practice profits in the long run?

What's the Solution?