Soft Lenses

Advances in Optics Drive Soft Lens Success

Achieving crisp vision for all refractive errors in a hydrogel material was no easy task. Let’s look at the stumbling blocks and successes that brought today’s lenses to life.

Replaceable Lenses, Irreplaceable Progress

Contact lens wear schedules overcame early growing pains, leading to today’s healthier, multi-wearing schedule options.

Manufacturing a Brand-New Industry

From humble origins, soft contact lens production ramped up as continual innovations paved the way for a half-century of progress.

Material Gains: 50 Years of the Soft Contact Lens

A closer look at the evolution of lens materials and what comes next.

The FTC’s One-Two Punch

Patient safety and prescriber sanity were not priorities of the recent rule change.

Soft or Scleral Lenses for Dry Eye Patients?

Determine the best option that treats your patient’s symptoms and expectations.

The How and Why of Contact Lens DepositsC.E.

Optometrists need a comprehensive understanding of this complication to help patients avoid it.

Multifocal Optics Explored

Recent research may give insight on how to better implement these lenses for presbyopic patients.

Presbyopia: Knowing is Half the Battle

Many of these patients require some type of refractive correction but aren’t even aware of their contact lens options.

Blink Mechanics: Why it MattersC.E.

This incredibly important function has huge implications for dry eye and contact lens wear, especially when it goes awry.