Soft Lenses

New Contacts, Same Old Mistakes

Besides learning from the consequences, how can patients better understand compliance?

Contact Lens Wear and Its Disruption of the Tear Film

A better understanding of the intricacies of this relationship can help put patients’ discomfort and other issues into better context.

Four Contact Lens Complications to Combat

Any one of these could cause significant visual problems, so do your best to be proactive to prevent further damage.

Get Daily Disposables On Your Radar

These lenses come with many benefits, but we need to make sure we’re doing our best to shed light on what they are.

A Systematic Approach to Solving Contact Lens DiscomfortC.E.

Comfort may be the number one factor in achieving a successful, long-lasting contact lens fit. Take a stepwise approach when comfort can’t be found.

Unique Lenses for Unique Patients

Understanding your patients’ needs ahead of time is half the battle.

Succeeding with Soft Multifocals

Thanks to enhanced materials and designs, these lenses remain the first-line option for today’s presbyopes.

Extended Wear: Still an Option?

This modality was all the rage until concerns arose. Is it still worth fitting patients with these contact lenses?

Building a Better Bandage Lens

Patients in need of pain relief deserve the comfort and protection that customization can provide.

Specialty Contact Lenses: Treat Your Keratoconus Patients Right

Here’s an in-depth look at the wide range of options now available.