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Corneal Topography: Get to New Heights

See how elevation data reveals the greatest truths about corneo-scleral shape.

Custom vs. Standard Soft Lenses for the Irregular Cornea: How to Choose

Learn which approach works best in this case-based article.

Soft Toric Lenses: Harness This Valuable Practice Opportunity

Experts demystify common misconceptions and offer fitting pearls.


Seeing Clearly

Set yourself up for success the next time you interact with a GP lens consultant.

Don’t Chicken Out with These Pox

Recurrent or chronic herpes zoster ophthalmicus can worsen patient quality of life.

Double-edged Sword

Scleral lenses for ocular surface disease and complications when care is ignored.

Polar Opposites

This rare cataract carries a higher risk of posterior capsular rupture and requires different surgical and post-op management strategies than more traditional cases.

Reconsider GPs for Presbyopia

Contact lens correction for this condition has evolved.

Continuing Education

November 2023  • 2.00 Credits

Managing Presbyopia with Multifocal Contact Lenses

February 2023  • 2.00 Credits

The Epithelium in Distress: From RCE to Dystrophy

November 2022  • 2.00 Credits

Tackling Corneal Transplants in Clinical Practice

February 2022  • 2.00 Credits

Trends in Infectious Keratitis

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