Down on the Pharm

Exploring New Frontiers in Drug Delivery

Many new methods for ocular drug delivery are being developed to improve bioavailability and improve patient adherence.

Ocular Drug Delivery — Pressing Forward

Iontophoresis offers a new, non-invasive way to administer medication in a safer, more efficient manner for chronic dry eye and anterior uveitis patients.

Drug Upgrades Improve Compliance

Improvements in anti-inflammatory ophthalmic medications are enhancing patient tolerability.

BAK Tracking

When prescribing medication to patients on multiple BAK-containing drops, consider a preservative-free option when appropriate.

When ‘Collateral Damage’ Strikes the Cornea

Drugs that combat systemic diseases can often afflict the cornea with side effects that mirror other disease symptoms. Here are a few to watch for.

A Supplemental Treatment

Adding a pill or two of essential fatty acids to your patient’s diet may help you more easily manage ocular surface disease.

Cystaran: A Cystine-Depleting Treatment

Although occurrences are rare, eye care practitioners should learn how to spot and effectively treat cystinosis.

A Toolbox Addition

A new Lotemax gel will soon offer easier patient handling, a lower preservative concentration and a more compatible pH level.

Retiring the Prescription Pad

If you haven’t already, consider incorporating electronic prescribing into your practice.