Living With the Microbial World

Our commensal creatures can overwhelm the eye’s defenses if left unattended.

The Eagle Has Landed—or Has It?

Corneal structure and a unique response to a topical agent are two recent publications of interest

2013 ARVO Explores Lens-related Inflammation and Corneal Infection

Researchers explore strategies to minimize risk and prevent corneal morbidity in contact lens wearers.

The Doctor’s New Digital Assistant

Practitioners and patients alike are continuously connected to the digital world. How can eye care practitioners take advantage?

Is it Time to Expand the FDA Safety Net?

The past decade has highlighted the need to revise solution testing to evaluate safety measures and potential hygienic behaviors.

Don’t Forget to Look ‘Em in the Eye

Eyes can reveal a range of emotions that can help you better treat your patient.

The Persistent Acanthamoeba

Practitioners should stay abreast of current research and take a proactive approach to detecting and treating Acanthamoeba keratitis.

Small Changes, Big Payoff

Suggest a few positive lifestyle improvements and see a healthier, happier patient.

A Contact Lens Focus

The annual British Contact Lens Association meeting gave attendees a look at breakthrough contact lens research.