GPs and Sclerals

Find The Right Fit For Keratoconus

Sclerals, GPs and even some soft lenses are viable options. Here, we share guidance on how to choose the best one for each patient.

Lessons from the Labs: GP Pros Share Their Best Tips

Learn what consultants wished they got from doctors when they order specialty lenses.

A Rare Case of Megalocornea

Here’s how this patient’s condition made for an extremely unique specialty contact lens fitting.

Four Troubleshooting Pearls For Scleral Lens Success

Early training can help scleral patients avoid lens wetting issues, midday fogging and other common problems that can lead to dropout.

Go Deeper With Annual Evaluations

There might be something going on beneath the patient’s claim of feeling fine.

Let’s Talk About Labs

Ask yourself if your current relationship with your labs meets your needs.

Material Management in a Scleral Society

Have a comprehensive understanding of all your options prior to beginning the fitting process.

Irregular Corneas Meet Their Match With GP Lenses

This modality can provide solutions and improve vision in these unique cases.

Soft or Scleral Lenses for Dry Eye Patients?

Determine the best option that treats your patient’s symptoms and expectations.

The How and Why of Contact Lens DepositsC.E.

Optometrists need a comprehensive understanding of this complication to help patients avoid it.