GPs and Sclerals

Thin But Strong

A corneal GP lens can be a good alternative in cases of soft lens overwear.

Advanced and Additional Uses of Sclerals

Insights into the future of this modality.

Take a Scleral Lens Virtual Workshop

Let’s work through several cases to better understand how to navigate common challenges that can arise during the fitting process.

Sclerals 101: A Primer for Lens Fitting

Walk through how to best incorporate this modality into your practice.

Those Stubborn Deposits

Two insidious manifestations underscore the importance of on-time lens replacement.

Behold the Benefits of Bitoric Lenses

Optimized base curves and a custom optic zone diameter provide superior vision.

Fitting the Keratoconic Eye Post-Surgery

We discuss how to carefully initiate contact lenses after various corneal procedures, including crosslinking.

Building Your GP Practice

Combine the right tools with passion and persistence to create the ultimate GP and specialty lens practice.

Find The Right Fit For Keratoconus

Sclerals, GPs and even some soft lenses are viable options. Here, we share guidance on how to choose the best one for each patient.

Lessons from the Labs: GP Pros Share Their Best Tips

Learn what consultants wished they got from doctors when they order specialty lenses.