Derail Dropouts

The Pesky Presbyope

Patients wearing multifocals are just as apt to experience problems as those wearing single vision lenses. But the solutions they need are entirely different.

'Tis the Season

Managing occasional allergy symptoms is just as important as alleviating persistent problems in preventing contact lens dropout.

Five Steps to Increase Contact Lens Adherence

Getting patients to comply with lens wear and care guidelines is a well-known battle. Here are some points to make it a little easier.

Follow Through with the Fitting

Completing the contact lens evaluation only gets you halfway to success.

Obvious Problem, Elusive Cause

Diagnosing contact lens-related discomfort is not always as simple as you may think.

Digital World, Ocular Fatigue

Electronic device use is growing exponentially. Are you taking this into account when discussing contact lenses?

Treating Dry Eye—With Contacts

Commonly discouraged in cases of eye irritation, contact lenses can sometimes provide relief to patients with ocular surface disease.

Color Me Impressed

Reignite your contact lens practice by offering a new way to improve patients' appearance and you'll motivate them to stay with lens wear.

Relieving the Fear for Those Who Can't See Near

A number of barriers can prevent presbyopes from experiencing comfortable lens wear. Fortunately, some new lens options may be able to change that.

Patch It Up

Providing specialized care to patients presenting with corneal insults can hasten their return to comfortable contact lens care.