Gas-Permeable Strategies

Taking Torics to the Top

Fitting toric lenses has become increasingly straightforward and now presents a viable option for myriad contact lens wearers.

The Long Goodbye

Learn how to fit gas permeable contact lenses and communicate with your patients like a true Minnesotan.

Using Soft Lenses to Help Our GP Patients

Lens wear modalities need not be an either/or proposition. A mix-and-match approach may be best in some cases.

Hybrids for Irregular Scleral Shapes

Vaulting hybrid lens designs offer an alternative to scleral lenses when dealing with irregularly shaped scleras and corneas.

Make the Most of Everybody’s Time

GP lab consultations are a valuable resource for practitioners. Here are some ways to maximize the value of these appointments.

My Son the Myope—And What I Did About It

The research supporting orthokeratology lenses for myopia control grows stronger every day. When do we introduce this option to our patients?

Small Change, Big Improvement

It may now be time to use larger diameter GP lenses instead of their smaller, corneal counterparts.

Aesthetic Treatments for Anesthetic Corneas

Consider a scleral lens for neurotrophic corneas, particularly those with persistent epithelial defects.

Whorl Whorl, Twists and Twirls

When treating corneal epitheliopathies, consider using scleral lenses.