Solutions and Lens Care

5 Real-world Contact Lens Care Problems

Poor lens care and handling practices can lead to infections, drop-outs and even vision loss. Here’s how you can help patients avoid them.

New Contacts, Same Old Mistakes

Besides learning from the consequences, how can patients better understand compliance?

Why Contact Lens Care Still Matters

Daily disposables may seem like a cure-all, but patient behavior doesn’t allow for such a simple solution. Here’s how to navigate today’s lens care environment.

Contact Lens Care: Advice from an Expert

As we look to the future of contact lens safety, it’s important to remember our past and how it shaped our present.

Five Ways to Connect Lens Care with Comfort

Finding a lens care system that fits your patients’ needs while maintaining comfort can be tricky, but these tips can help.

It's All About the Tear Film

When dealing with ocular dryness and contact lens discomfort, your first move should be to look at the tears.

Passive Verification Doesn’t Work

The Contact Lens Rule’s current prescription verification system potentially could be putting patients at risk.


Dry Eye Disease | Scleral Lenses | Corneal Nerves | Human Amniotic Membranes

Combating Online Contact Lens Sales

We must stand together to protect healthy vision and responsible enterprise.

MMWR and Contact Lens Alerts

Timely information on these issues is at our fingertips, thanks to the CDC.