Lens Care Update

The Cost of Compliance

The monetary cost of proper compliance can add up for patients, but the cost of non-compliance can be much higher.

Contact Lens Solutions 101

It’s important to sometimes step back and revisit the basics to better understand how solutions work, so that we can identify the appropriate options for each patient.

Are We Condoning Non-compliance?

Our challenge: promote healthy contact lens use among daily disposable wearers without giving these patients a pass for bad behavior.

Addicted to Oxy

This patient developed medicamentosa from chronic, long-term oxymetazoline use. How should he be managed?

SiHy Challenges FDA Solution Testing

A new subdivision separating silicone hydrogels into their own lens category is the first step in addressing the need to test solutions with lenses.

A New and Improved FDA Regulation

Contact lens solutions will now be subjected to more comprehensive “real world” testing.

The PATH to Discovery

A new understanding of preservatives in solutions can help practitioners better differentiate the presentation of corneal staining.

The Life and Times of Hydrogen Peroxide

From disinfection to wound healing and anti-aging, hydrogen peroxide is a multifaceted and vitally important substance.

Get Charged Up: A New Lubricating Drop

Retaine MGD is the first available cationic emulsion technology on the market.