Dry Eye

From Basics To Biologics: Selecting Drops For Every Dry Eye Patient

Take a look at the indications and options for specific situations, from the rudimentary to the extreme.

ARVO 2021 Highlights: Abstract Review

Learn how new discoveries can help clinicians preserve vision.

At the Intersection of Sex and Dry Eye

Biological differences affect a patient's risk of dry eye, pathophysiology and treatment response.

Consider Sclerals For Dry Eye

This treatment option may require more care but provides patients with relief.

Highlights from ARVO 2019: Abstract Review

Get the scoop on new research that may change your approach to many aspects of anterior segment care.

The Mystique of Conjunctivochalasis

Be vigilant when examining the entire ocular surface to avoid confusion.


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Look Out for Iatrogenic Dry Eye

Surgery, medications and contact lenses are just some of the ways a doctor’s care can induce DED. Here’s what DEWS II recommends to prevent it.

Coping with Contact Lens Discomfort

Lens material and solution choices are part of the equation, but there is more to be considered. Here’s how TFOS DEWS II can help.

The Tear Film: More Complex Than You May Realize

What we once considered a three-part structure really has two highly interdependent layers in tenous balance, vulnerable to osmolarity and inflammatory changes.