Specialty Lenses

An Evidence-Based Approach to Gas Permeable Lenses

The CLEAR study offers ODs a comprehensive review of current literature.

Orthokeratology: Principles, Lessons, Cases

Learn how to best apply this modality for myopia control and more.

Seeing Multifocal Optics More Clearly

As the presbyopia population grows, so does the number of multifocal contact lenses. That gives you more options—but also more to master. Here’s an overview.

Specialty Contact Lenses for the Diseased Cornea

When fit successfully, these medical devices can be a life-changer for appropriate patients.

The Pancake Cornea Conundrum

Postsurgical flattening poses unique visual challenges that only GP lenses can counter. Read on to learn how we managed it—and you can, too.

Let’s Talk About Labs

Ask yourself if your current relationship with your labs meets your needs.

When to Consider Piggybacks and Hybrids

Get the best of both worlds when mastering the techniques for these options.

How to Get Ahead of Presbyopia

Intervening earlier on is key in successfully working through this inevitable condition.

Multifocal Optics Explored

Recent research may give insight on how to better implement these lenses for presbyopic patients.

Presbyopia: Knowing is Half the Battle

Many of these patients require some type of refractive correction but aren’t even aware of their contact lens options.