April 2014


10 Dos and Don'ts of Scleral Lenses

Fitting Scleral lenses can be a tricky process, but proper preparation can ensure success when fitting this unique modality.

Managing the Curve

Successfully fitting scleral lenses may seem like a complex task. But understanding a few basic principles of lens curvature will make it simpler than you initially thought.

Putting Scleral Lenses Front and Center

Commonly reserve only for patients with irregular corneas, sclerals can be an excellent option even for patients with 'normal' ones.

Simplify Your Specialized Coding

Building a practice that focuses on fitting specialty lenses can be both rewarding and challenging. Don't let coding issues prevent success.


Derail Dropouts

Stick the Landing

A poor scleral lens fit may lead to conjunctival blanching and patient discomfort. Prevent these complications to ensure your patients stay in their lenses.

Lens Care Insights

A Crack in the Surface

Improper lens care by your GP wearers can lead to expensive, unnecessary remakes. Educate patients on proper care techniques to prevent these costly situations.

My Perspective

Mixed Signals

Are omega-3 fatty acids beneficial or deleterious to the health of our patients? Faced with inconclusive data, how should we proceed?


Out of the Box

"You Don't Know My Staff"

Staff problems often begin at the managerial level. Leading in a fair but firm manner will create a more successful practice.

Pharma Science & Practice

FQs: The Secret of Our Success

These popular drugs are essential to the care we provide. Why have fluoroquinolones become such workhorse drugs? Where might they be headed? Let's find out.

The GP Experts

Dust Off Those Diagnostic Lenses

While empirical fitting is becoming the norm, patients presenting with irregular corneas require a more specialized lens fitting approach.