Lens Care Insights

The Never-ending Story

When we already struggle with patient compliance, how are we going to get patients to add even more steps?

Mucin: Friend or Foe?

Though vital to eye health in many ways, mucus--when overproduced--can interfere with contact lens wear. For good long-term results, reduce excess by targeting goblet cells.

Here Comes the Sun

Always remind your patients that taking care of the skin around their eyes is just as important as taking care of the eye itself.

A Different Kind of Colored Lens

Some medications can alter the ocular surface environment—and anything therein.

The Great Silicone Cover Up

A new lens surfacing option improves wettability and lubricity. How does it work?

In Search of Standards

The ISO recently announced a new method to assess the safety of contact lens products. Will the FDA follow suit?

Sticky Situation

Do your patients get mucus buildup on their scleral lenses? Here's one way to remove it.

What's 'Bugging' Us About Contact Lens Solutions

Could FDA contact lens solution testing procedures introduced earlier this year help curb future Acanthamoeba outbreaks?

A Fresh Look at Lens Cleaning

New FDA contact lens solution testing procedures introduced earlier this year aim to improve user safety. Will CMC play a role?

Out With the Old

The FDA has completely revised its contact lens solution testing—a dramatic step forward in ensuring patient safety.