The GP Experts

The Simple Things

More often than not, the explanation and solution to a patient’s problem is a simple one.

Thin But Strong

A corneal GP lens can be a good alternative in cases of soft lens overwear.

Those Stubborn Deposits

Two insidious manifestations underscore the importance of on-time lens replacement.

Behold the Benefits of Bitoric Lenses

Optimized base curves and a custom optic zone diameter provide superior vision.

Building Your GP Practice

Combine the right tools with passion and persistence to create the ultimate GP and specialty lens practice.

Off on a Tangent

Between inconsistent chart records and production delays, I had to think outside the box to make this patient happy.

Coming Up at the CLMA

The Contact Lens Manufacturer’s Association has a new president—one who aims to transform the custom lens industry.

CLEAR: What’s in it for GPs?

This report details everything you need to know about GPs and why it’s a viable option for several patients.

Confronting Compliance

Having patients demonstrate they understand can help this challenging and complex process.

Simplify and Move Forward

Commit and follow through with the change you want to see in your contact lens practice.