The GP Experts

The Change That Wasn't

Consider all options when fitting your next patient with GP lenses.

The Simple Things

More often than not, the explanation and solution to a patient’s problem is a simple one.

Thin But Strong

A corneal GP lens can be a good alternative in cases of soft lens overwear.

Those Stubborn Deposits

Two insidious manifestations underscore the importance of on-time lens replacement.

Behold the Benefits of Bitoric Lenses

Optimized base curves and a custom optic zone diameter provide superior vision.

Building Your GP Practice

Combine the right tools with passion and persistence to create the ultimate GP and specialty lens practice.

Off on a Tangent

Between inconsistent chart records and production delays, I had to think outside the box to make this patient happy.

Coming Up at the CLMA

The Contact Lens Manufacturer’s Association has a new president—one who aims to transform the custom lens industry.

CLEAR: What’s in it for GPs?

This report details everything you need to know about GPs and why it’s a viable option for several patients.

Confronting Compliance

Having patients demonstrate they understand can help this challenging and complex process.