November 2011


The Evolving Role of Biomarkers

The discovery of biomarkers in tears can open clinical doors to early detection and diagnosis of dry eye, ocular allergy and keratoconus.

Contact Lens Practice: Care in the Cloud

New instrument technology, coupled with cloud computing, is upgrading the reach and effectiveness of telemedicine.

How Nanotechnology Will Revolutionize Eye Care

New applications of nanotechnology have the potential to change the way we diagnose, treat and manage eye care.

Can We Do Better Than Generic Solutions?

As new materials are used to develop today’s contact lenses, it is vital that practitioners discuss the importance of using the right contact lens solution.


Derail Dropouts

Do More For Dropouts

Addressing ocular surface disease proactively can help reduce the number of contact lens wear dropouts.

Down on the Pharm

A New Tool to Fight Ocular Allergies

Practitioners may be able to use intranasal corticosteroids to treat the ocular symptoms in allergic conjunctivitis.


Unresolved Issues in CXL

While corneal cross-linking brings much promise to the field, researchers and practitioners must address some lingering questions.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

A Vital GP Resource

GPLI provides eye care practitioners with the tools to sharpen their GP lens fitting skills.

Lens Care Update

Providing a Safety Net

A new joint venture between the AOA and AAO will feature expert answers to commonly asked contact lens and cornea questions.

Naked Eye

Fungal Keratitis: The Lessons Learned

Eye care practitioners should be able to quickly identify and treat keratitis outbreaks in their patients.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

Whose Office Is It Anyway?

Consider these problematic scenarios before renting out your office space.

To the Point

What's the Solution?

Contact Lens Comfort from Start to Finish

The Solution for Going the Distance