April 2011


A Dual Approach to Treating Keratoconus

By combining the corneal collagen crosslinking procedure with the use of Intacs, practitioners can offer a new alternative to treat keratoconus.

Vital Stains: What You Really Need to Know

With the use of non-invasive vital stains, practitioners can better assess patients’ ocular health care needs.

The Advancing Specialty of CRT

The practice of using overnight corneal reshaping with contact lenses to treat myopia is a rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon.

“What is Happening in Your Contact Lens Storage Case?”

Contact lens storage case contamination is a common problem among wearers. Take the time to advocate rigorous cleaning regimes.


Derail Dropouts

The Challenges of an Irregular Cornea

When refractive surgery fails to work, patients may be left with residual problems.


Nosology of Corneal Thinning Disorders

When discussing patients with corneal irregularities, it is important to understand the condition and review the available remedies to stabilize the cornea.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

An Alternative to Conventional Wisdom

Sometimes high degrees of astigmatism are best corrected by ignoring the cornea altogether.

Lens Care Update

A Novel Formulation

How will this entrant into the MPDS market fair in the real world?

Naked Eye

The Foolish Things Patients Do

Practitioners should educate their patients about the common and uncommon everyday risks of injury to the eye.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

A Yearly Review of Your Calendar

Take the time to periodically review your scheduling templates and you might find ways to increase your practice’s profit margin.

To the Point

What's the Solution?