April 2010


Prescribe Beyond the Ordinary

Differentiate your practice by utilizing sophisticated contact lens designs and enhancing patients’ quality of life.

Making Sense of the Irregular Cornea

Each patient’s corneal thinning disorder is unique, so you must select just the right lens design to accommodate every irregularity.

Biofilms: A Look Inside the Case

How clean are patients’ lens cases, and how often must they be replaced in order to avoid biofilm buildup on lenses and cases?


Derail Dropouts

How Young Is Too Young for Contact Lenses?

Many variables factor into the decision regarding a child’s candidacy for contact lenses.

Down on the Pharm

Another Shot at Ocular Allergies

Practitioners are able to take advantage of a new treatment option for allergic conjunctivitis sufferers.


Don’t Forget About the Lens Case

With all the inconsistent recommendations on lens storage case hygiene, what do we tell our patients?

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Seek Out Ideal Candidates

Who is best suited for translating multifocal or bifocal correction with contact lenses?

Lens Care Update

Nip It in the Bud

Treating pre-existing conditions and keeping lenses clean are both key factors in contact lens comfort.

Naked Eye

Clinical Confounders

The reported efficacy of a drug, both in clinical trials and in medical practice, may be skewed by several factors.


Out of the Box

Just Add an Expiration Date

How to encourage those glasses-wearing patients to make the switch to contact lenses now.

What's the Solution?