March 2013


Carpe Diem: Why the Time is Right For Daily Disposables

Clinical observations and scientific data lead this optometrist to believe it’s well over time to seize the opportunity that daily lens replacement offers.

Dry Eye Treatment: The Unusual Suspects

New breakthroughs in OTC drops, anti-inflammatory therapies and nutrition may help practitioners better treat recalcitrant dry eye.

Keratoconus Coding: The Battle of the Bulge

Insurance constraints complicate the management of an already tricky disease. Here’s a winning strategy—but you have to talk to your patients.

VKC: The Rite of Spring

Vernal conjunctivitis is an uncommon—but more serious and severe—ocular allergy presentation. Here’s a guide to treating this pernicious condition.


Derail Dropouts

Loose Lips Sink Ships

When fitting specialty lenses, patient expectations can make or break the outcome. Choose your words with care.

Down on the Pharm

A Supplemental Treatment

Adding a pill or two of essential fatty acids to your patient’s diet may help you more easily manage ocular surface disease.


Is it Time to Expand the FDA Safety Net?

The past decade has highlighted the need to revise solution testing to evaluate safety measures and potential hygienic behaviors.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Small Change, Big Improvement

It may now be time to use larger diameter GP lenses instead of their smaller, corneal counterparts.

Lens Care Update

A New and Improved FDA Regulation

Contact lens solutions will now be subjected to more comprehensive “real world” testing.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

Does Extra Work Equal Extra Income?

Work smarter, not harder. Re-examining your office hours may pay off—you may find extra time in your work week.