Jan/Feb 2013


Matching the Right Tear with the Right Patient

Consider artificial tears as the “first responders” when treating patients who present with ocular discomfort.

A How-To Guide: Scleral GP Lens Care

From non-preserved saline solutions to eliminating bubbles before insertion, gas-permeable lenses have their own rules for successful wear.

Dual Disinfection for SiHy

As practitioners work to reduce contact lens dropouts, three new solutions may offer your patient extra comfort.

The Infiltrate Debate: Material Matters

Practitioners should consider the frequency of infiltrate presentations in extended wear silicone hydrogel patients.


Derail Dropouts

Moving the Needle

Once you have the right tools to gauge a patient’s satisfaction with contact lens wear, progress is possible.

Down on the Pharm

Cystaran: A Cystine-Depleting Treatment

Although occurrences are rare, eye care practitioners should learn how to spot and effectively treat cystinosis.


Don’t Forget to Look ‘Em in the Eye

Eyes can reveal a range of emotions that can help you better treat your patient.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Aesthetic Treatments for Anesthetic Corneas

Consider a scleral lens for neurotrophic corneas, particularly those with persistent epithelial defects.

Lens Care Update

The PATH to Discovery

A new understanding of preservatives in solutions can help practitioners better differentiate the presentation of corneal staining.

Letter to the Editor

Naked Eye

It’s That Time of Year Again

A diligent eye exam and the availability of new lenses will help you keep patients in their contact lenses this allergy season.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

What Culture Defines Your Office?

Implementing a solid office culture can mean a successful year for your practice.