Jan/Feb 2011


Lessons from Star Students: Five Key Approaches to Maximize Lens Health

By reexamining our patient-doctor interactions and prioritizing open communication with our patients, we will see more healthy lifetime contact lens wearers.

Can Rewetting Drops Really Relieve Dry Eye?

Dryness symptoms remain a persistent problem for some contact lens wearers, identifying and managing these symptoms can provide benefits to both the patient and to the practice.

The Evolution of Dual Disinfection: Where We Are Today

As new lens solutions enter the market, it is important for practitioners to analyze the ingredients before matching products with lenses and patients.

The Dangers of Mixing Solutions

As practitioners, it is imperative that we examine the risks associated with mixing contact lens solutions and take the time to explain these concerns to our patients.


Derail Dropouts

Know Your Options For Improving Comfort

Honest patient communication is essential in providing a comfortable lens fit.

Down on the Pharm

Same Drug, New Formulation

The latest trend of releasing new formulations of well-known medications allows doctors to rethink standard treatments.


Close Up on the Lids of Lens Wearers

Although a notoriously under-recognized and under-treated disease, meibomian gland dysfunction is under analysis by the International Workshop.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Go Thin to Win

Focusing on lens thickness can be a crucial way to fit comfortable GP lenses.

Lens Care Update

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Practitioners need to understand the role of preservatives like benzalkonium chloride in commonly prescribed eye drops.

Naked Eye

Diagnose that Disease: Blepharitis

Accurately diagnosing blepharitis and prescribing the most fitting treatment remains a challenge.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

Putting Customer Service First

By returning to the basics and providing quality customer service, practices can anticipate significant growth.

To the Point

What's the Solution?