May/June 2024


Overcoming Obstacles with Scleral Lens Fitting

Follow along with these two tough cases to sharpen your techniques and help set expectations for patients with severe corneal compromise.

Lessons Learned at ARVO 2024

An abstract review of the latest, intriguing and clinically practical cornea and contact lens research papers presented at this year’s meeting.

Master Elevation-driven Contact Lens Fitting

See how prioritizing sagittal metrics is changing the approach to design across modalities.


Corneal Consult

HZO Redux

My last column left off with the patient’s vision shifting after initial oral antivirals, ocular hypertension drops and steroids. Here’s what happened after.

Fitting Challenges

Myopia Matters

How to manage progressive axial length elongation.

My Perspective

A Blood Pressure Drug for the Cornea

Will losartan eventually make it to market for these uses?

The Big Picture

Deplore the Spore

Fungal keratitis is often resistant to therapy and poses serious risk to ocular health.