September 2013


10 Lessons Learned at BCLA 2013

Get up to speed with groundbreaking findings from the UK’s 37th annual meeting that will help you in your practice.

Don't Let These Clinical Scenarios Prevent Success with Presbyopes

Fitting presbyopic patients with contact lenses often poses a challenge, but none of these problems are insurmountable with the proper plan.

Strategies for Success with Specialty Multifocal Contact Lenses

Go beyond the rack to customize lenses to meet the needs of your presbyopic patients.

Think Globally, Practice Locally

These days, the “Old World” gets most of the new advances first. Here’s a look at international trends that could profoundly impact your practice.


Derail Dropouts

Every Pot Has a Lid

Keep current on the wide array of multifocal lens options and you’ll find the right fit for each of your presbyopes.

Down on the Pharm

Drug Upgrades Improve Compliance

Improvements in anti-inflammatory ophthalmic medications are enhancing patient tolerability.


The Eagle Has Landed—or Has It?

Corneal structure and a unique response to a topical agent are two recent publications of interest

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Hybrids for Irregular Scleral Shapes

Vaulting hybrid lens designs offer an alternative to scleral lenses when dealing with irregularly shaped scleras and corneas.

Lens Care Update

Are We Condoning Non-compliance?

Our challenge: promote healthy contact lens use among daily disposable wearers without giving these patients a pass for bad behavior.


In The News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Myopia More Common in Asians

Asian children in the US exhibit highest myopia rates.

New Surveys Help to Assess Dry Eye's Impact

Two dry eye questionnaires have recently proven their clinical worthiness.

Out of the Box

Cutting Ties to Attain Practice Happiness

Dismissing problematic staff and patients can enhance happiness in your practice.