March/April 2023


Encourage Patients to Opt for Daily Disposables

Educating lens wearers on the various benefits of this modality may help them understand its value.

GP and Scleral Design Tips: Livin’ on the Edge

This aspect of lens wear can make or break success. Here are strategies that promote comfort and encourage compliance.

Keeping Up with Contact Lens Wearers

Here’s how to avoid dry eye-related dropout in a post-pandemic age.

Preventing and Managing Edema with Scleral Lenses

Important factors include lens material selection, optimization of design, customization with fenestrations and channels and closely monitoring eye health.


Corneal Consult

Immune Issues

Dealing with graft-vs.-host disease can cause a dysfunctional ocular surface. Learn what the symptoms are and how to mitigate them.

Fitting Challenges

Success Without Sclerals

Here’s how freeform corneal gas permeable lenses play a role post-corneal transplant for highly irregular corneas.

My Perspective

Uninvited Guests

Rational antibiotic use is needed to help minimize antimicrobial resistance in your community.

The Big Picture

Watch That Splotch

Here’s what to be vigilant for in cases of iris pigmentation.

The GP Experts

The Change That Wasn't

Consider all options when fitting your next patient with GP lenses.