Fitting Challenges

An Alternative Action Plan

When GPs fail, custom soft lenses may offer another option for keratoconus.

Troubleshooting Traumatic Corneal Irregularity

This patient presented after a firework went off in his hand. Let’s review how to proceed.

Troubleshooting Hybrid Lenses

A guide to working through the common problem of adherence with this modality.

Counteract Corneal Complications

Here’s how to optimize the lens reservoir to maintain ocular health in scleral lens wearers.

Scleral Lenses: The Perfect Landing

Here’s how to correct problems with conjunctival compression to achieve an ideal fit.

When Toric is Not Enough

The more experience you have with unique lens designs, the more comfortable you’ll feel trusting your clinical intuition in situations like these.

Fit the Patient, Not the Diagnosis

Carefully consider each contact lens wearer’s needs to ensure the right fit.

Bad Fit, Big Opportunity

A decentered lens compromised vision and induced corneal reshaping.

When Lashes, Not Lenses, are the Problem

Demodex is common in patients with rosacea and can really throw a wrench in contact lens wear.

Little Eyes, Big Solutions

Pediatric specialty contact lenses make a world of difference in this younger patient population.