June 2011


Which Oral Meds Cause Dry Eye?

As dry eye remains a persistent problem, practitioners need to review the medications that may cause dry eye symptoms.

Trend-Setting: Global Lens Distribution

The worldwide use of contact lenses as a form of vision correction gives us a glimpse into the prescribing trends of other countries.

Should Patients Pick Their Wear Schedule?

Because many already do, we must keep patients on track with consistent education, reminder services and an emphasis on behaviors that affect corneal health.

Which Soft Contact Lens Replacement Schedule Do You Recommend?

As optometrists continue to debate the benefits of each modality, this article offers a glimpse into the point-counterpoint argument.


Derail Dropouts

New Lenses Offer a Second Chance

New technology allows for astigmatic patients to comfortably wear contact lenses and minimizes dropouts.

Down on the Pharm

A Preservative-Free Option

With the introduction of Saflutan, practitioners have a non-preserved prostaglandin analogue for patients with ocular sensitivities.


Are We Over-Testing, Over-Diagnosing and Over-Treating?

Practitioners must toe the line between necessary diagnosis tools and over-testing.

Gas-Permeable Strategies


Are we missing opportunities to provide a benefit to our patients and our practices?

Lens Care Update

Can Cosmetics Impact Contact Lens Wear?

Although often overlooked, it is important to understand the consequences of makeup and removal agents adhering to contact lenses.

Naked Eye

Non-Compliance: A Continued Concern

Even among eye care professionals who wear contact lenses, compliance is found to be lacking.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

Creating a Goal for Next Year

When it comes to practice management, it is important that your yearly goals do not prevent you from achieving maximum growth.

To the Point

What's the Solution?