June 2010


IC3D: Classifying Corneal Dystrophies

The IC3D provides a clear (yet flexible) framework within which to categorize types of corneal dystrophy.

When Preservatives Aggravate Dry Eye

When patients’ dry eye is exacerbated by the preservatives in their solutions, here are some other options for you to consider.

Lifestyle Dispensing Tips for Your Contact Lens Toolbox

Here’s how to make patients understand that certain contact lenses will be more beneficial for their daily activities.

Daily Disposables: Prescribing Trends and Pipeline Lenses

You know the benefits of daily disposable lenses. But, how do your prescribing habits match up with those of eye care professionals around the world?


Down on the Pharm

Prescribing with Purpose

In addition to writing the prescription, you must take the time to inform your patients why you prescribed the medication and how they should use it.


Is the U.S. Ready for CXL?

There are still some major questions to answer about corneal collagen cross-linking before it gains FDA approval.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Get Up to Date on Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses could be the wave of the near future for fitting patients with irregularly shaped eyes.

Lens Care Update

What's in Your Blister Pack?

With the increasing popularity of daily disposable lens wear, it is more important than ever to understand what is in the blister pack.

Naked Eye

Is There a Future for Ocular Homeopathy?

When it comes to homeopathic therapy, patient awareness and education are key to a successful outcome.


What's the Solution?