January/February 2024


Empirical Fitting of GP Lenses

Advanced technology has paved the way for a quite easy and successful approach.

GP Multifocal Contact Lenses: The 2024 Lineup

Recent design advancements give clinicians even more options to help meet patients’ vision demands.

Wave Hello to Wavefront-Guided Sclerals

These lenses are a great option for those with residual higher-order aberrations but also can be used to create excellent multifocals.


Fitting Challenges

Scan, Prescribe, Succeed!

Profilometry-based scleral lenses for pesky pinguecula.

My Perspective

A Deep Dive on Dropout

The TFOS systematic review on this issue highlights some gaps in our knowledge.

The Big Picture

Rated PG

Though benign, pyogenic granulomas can cause discomfort and aesthetic concern.

The GP Experts

Not Just for Kids

Monovision orthokeratology can be very beneficial in adults, too.