January/February 2023


Understanding the Tear Film

Let's dissect each layer and its importance along with the variety of elements that compromise it.

Corneal Stromal Abnormalities: Haze, Ectasia, Keratitis and More

A systematic approach to recognizing these threats to health and function is indispensable.

The Endothelium and Corneal Transparency: A Clear Connection

Learn how multiple complications can affect clarity and performance.

The Epithelium in Distress: From RCE to DystrophyC.E.

To provide comprehensive patient care, optometrists must have a clear understanding of the function and pathophysiology of this structure.


Corneal Consult

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Learn how to deal with the stubborn condition of recurrent corneal erosions when initial treatment fails.

Fitting Challenges

A Balancing Act

Here’s how to equalize vision for a patient with asymmetric keratoconus.

My Perspective

The Phantom Menace

The effects of neuropathic pain can be tough to track down and handle.

The Big Picture

Having a Meltdown

Peripheral ulcerative keratitis has potentially devastating consequences. Treatment requires aggressive systemic control combined with interventions to protect the ocular surface.