Jan/Feb 2010


Surface and Polymer Chemistry: the Quest for Comfort

In order to provide patients with a well-performing, comfortable lens, we must be mindful of issues such as surface wetting and solution interactions during wear.

Standards of Care in the Age of Advanced Technology

How important is it to have high-tech machines in your eye care practice?

Beyond the Basics: Treating Severe Dry Eye

What can practitioners do when first line therapy fails?


Derail Dropouts

Strategies for Better Compliance

By reinforcing the importance of compliance with lens care regimens, you can help your patients enjoy safe and comfortable lens wear.

Down on the Pharm

Avoid Medication Blunders

How do you ensure that drug errors do not occur in your practice?


To Treat or Not to Treat

Does topical antibiotic therapy confer a significant benefit in the treatment of acute bacterial conjunctivitis?

Gas-Permeable Strategies

The PMMA Dilemma

Should you refit patients who wear PMMA lenses into GP materials?

Lens Care Update

Beat the Bug

Here are some easy-to-follow steps you can take to prevent the spread of pathogens in your practice.

Naked Eye

Better Diagnostics in a Blink of an Eye

Go beyond TFBUT in dry eye diagnostics.


Out of the Box

Who’s the Boss?

Make sure that your patients’ needs are being met in your practice.

What's the Solution?

A Stitch in Time

What’s the Solution