April 2012


The History of the Irregular Cornea

Over the years, practitioners have found new ways to help restore visual function to patients in need.

AS-OCT and the Specialty Contact Lens

Advanced imaging technology helps practitioners better manage specialty lens wear.

Taking a Wholistic Approach to Refractive Therapy

The standard of care for our myopic patients is evolving and, as practitioners, it is our responsibility to collect and present all the information we have available.

How Technology Can Help the Irregular Cornea

Recent advances can significantly improve the practitioner’s ability to treat corneal irregularities.


Controversies in Care

Kids and Contact Lenses

Proceedings from a live interactive webinar event, attended by several of the industry’s most renowned contact lens practitioners.

Down on the Pharm

Ease the Frustration: Treating RK

Try these pharmaceutical pearls on your next radial keratotomy patient.


Are All Biofilms Bad?

We should look to nature to understand how best to address biofilm.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

Part III: Scleral Lens Therapy

When you ask your scleral lens manufacturer to alter the design, you may find new therapy options.

Lens Care Update

Finding the Right Balance

By increasing tear film stability, we can better treat conditions like dry eye.


In the News

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

What Does Success Look Like?

A simple test can help you determine whether your next move is a good business plan.

What's the Solution?