September/October 2022


Advanced and Additional Uses of Sclerals

Insights into the future of this modality.

Sclerals 101: A Primer for Lens Fitting

Walk through how to best incorporate this modality into your practice.

Take a Scleral Lens Virtual Workshop

Let’s work through several cases to better understand how to navigate common challenges that can arise during the fitting process.


Corneal Consult

Cell Dysfunction

The effects of trabeculectomy with mitomycin C led to this diagnosis.

Fitting Challenges

An Alternative Action Plan

When GPs fail, custom soft lenses may offer another option for keratoconus.

My Perspective

Taking Monkeypox Seriously

Recognize the dermatologic and systemic signs and symptoms in a timely fashion.

The Big Picture

An Unexpected Twist

Corneal drug deposition in the classic whorl-like pattern looks ominous. Is it?

The GP Experts

Thin But Strong

A corneal GP lens can be a good alternative in cases of soft lens overwear.