September/October 2017


A Closer Look at Corneal Inlays

This new option for dealing with presbyopia shows promise. Here’s what you should know when considering a corneal approach.

Combining Optics and Comfort: Piggyback and Hybrid Lenses

Although less commonly used, these lenses could be a big help for some patients. Here’s what you need to know.

Expand Your Horizons: Think GPs for Presbyopes

Thanks to technological advances, multifocal gas permeable lenses are no longer a last resort for practitioners.

Sclerals & GPs: How to Build a Better Lens Fitting Experience

Practitioners have many tools available to help make the scleral and GP fitting process more efficient than ever.

Starting Up with GPs: Use Your Resources

The field is replete with unique tools to aid practitioners in learning how to manage gas permeable lenses.


Corneal Consult

Watch Out for HSV Endotheliitis

If you only consider dendritic HSV or HSK, you could be missing out on this clinical entity.

Fitting Challenges

Fitting CLs Post Trabeculectomy

It’s a tough balance between maintaining the bleb’s integrity and providing the best possible vision. Here’s how to handle the situation.

Guest Editorial

FDA Efforts: Patient Perspective on LASIK

A new assessment tool may help to reveal unspoken symptoms post-refractive surgery.

My Perspective

Report Your Adverse Events to the FDA

Sharing your issues through the FDA’s online voluntary reporting system is simple and could have a meaningful impact on public health and safety.



HSV-1 | Bacterial Keratitis | SMILE Refractive Surgery | Inflammation

Pharma Science & Practice

Know Your Systemic Drugs

Understanding what medications are linked to ocular conditions could help you solve enigmatic cases.

Practice Progress

Three GP Lenses to Grow Your Practice

Make the most of your available options, and your practice will reap the benefits.

The Big Picture

Crocodile Rock

Can you identify this corneal anomaly? Does it contraindicate contact lens wear?

The GP Experts

Overcoming GP Lens Obstacles

Despite proven advantages, many practitioners shun GPs. Here’s how to get over the hump.