Practice Progress

Corneal GPs are Here to Stay

This modality has much to offer both practitioners and patients—just don’t forget these key tips at the onset.

Embrace the Oddballs

Better serving your more difficult cases will prove to be highly beneficial.

Presbyopia: Knowing is Half the Battle

Many of these patients require some type of refractive correction but aren’t even aware of their contact lens options.

Contact Lenses for the Compromised Cornea

This modality offers a solution for a handful of different ocular conditions.

The ABCs of EBMD

Although the presentation of epithelial basement membrane dystrophy may be subtle, its visual outcomes may not be.

Success Starts With Communication

Sclerals are their own type of lens and must be presented accordingly to set realistic patient expectations right off the bat.

Special Considerations for Specialty Lenses

Follow these four strategies for the best shot at success.

Five Ways to Optimize the Contact Lens Experience

Follow these for more successful visual outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Don’t be Nearsighted About Myopia

With the groundbreaking new resources available, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of myopia management.

Treating Presbyopia: An Armamentarium of Options

There’s no lack of methods—just a lack of motivation among many. Patients deserve a chance.