June 2014


20 Bright Ideas to Illuminate and Inspire

These thought-provoking abstracts from ARVO will likely help define best practices in the near future.

Finding the Perfect Fit

High-tech tools may improve contact lens manufacturing efficiency—and patient vision and comfort.

Uncovering VLK

Don't be caught off guard by this rare complication of contact lens wear.


Corneal Consult

The Missing Link?

Collagen crosslinking offers clinicians the potential to forever alter the impact of keratoconus on our patients.

Derail Dropouts

Relieving the Fear for Those Who Can't See Near

A number of barriers can prevent presbyopes from experiencing comfortable lens wear. Fortunately, some new lens options may be able to change that.

Lens Care Insights

Out With the Old

The FDA has completely revised its contact lens solution testing—a dramatic step forward in ensuring patient safety.

My Perspective

The Eluding Nature of the Eluting Lens

Novel drug delivery methods were on display at this year's annual ARVO meeting.


Grafts from Older Donors More Suitable for DMEK

Older individuals with high endothelial cell counts may be the best donors for DMEK.

In Brief

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Is a Topical Treatment for Presbyopia on the Horizon?

A new eye drop may help your presbyopes.

Out of the Box

What's UPP, Doc?

Taking advantage of this new policy may provide much-needed growth for the contact lens industry—and your bottom line.

The GP Experts

Scleral Lenses to the Rescue!

This modality can be used to treat a number of corneal conditions—including many you might not expect.