Anterior chamber washout and amniotic membrane transplantation combined with topical corticosteroids appears to be an effective treatment option for severe peripheral ulcerative keratitis with endothelial exudates, according to a study published in the June 2014 Cornea. Twelve eyes of 12 patients with severe corneal ulceration were included in the study. A surgical procedure to remove the corneal ulcer was performed on each patient. Following surgery, an amniotic membrane was placed on the corneal lesions. Each patient then received topical corticosteroid drops and systemic anti-inflammatory medication.

Patients were followed up for three to 15 months. All corneal ulcers were healed by one to two weeks following the surgical procedure and all patients achieved a stable ocular surface. Additionally, no recurrence of ulceration was exhibited during the follow-up period.

Yanni J, Hua G, Suxia L, et al. Combined anterior chamber washout, amniotic membrane transplantation and topical use of corticosteroids for severe peripheral ulcerative keratitis. Cornea. 2014 Jun;22(6):559-564.

• Members of the FDA met with experts in contact lens care to discuss updating premarket guidelines for daily contact lens wear and contact lens care products. Since the last premarket guidelines were established nearly 20 years ago, lens and solution materials have changed, leading to potential lens/solution incompatibilities. As a result, new silicone hydrophilic lenses will be added to the previously established testing guidelines. Additionally, the number of lens types tested has increased from four to nine, categorized by their water content and ionicity.