January 2014


10 Ways to Avoid Contact Lens Complications

Proper education is paramount, but key clinical decisions also help to keep contact lens wearers comfortable, compliant and complication-free.

A Breath of Fresh Air

It's important to understand the oxygen transmissibility of silicone hydrogels, as we still need to worry about the possibility of corneal hypoxia.

The Compromised Eye: Presentations and Pathology

A visual guide to some of the worst complications of the anterior segment.


Corneal Consult

What Causes a Non-Healing Cornea?

A structured approach to determining which factors impede healing will lead to success with these often challenging scenarios.

Derail Dropouts

Not So Fast...

While contact lens wear can lead to presentations of acute red eye, it’s important to first consider other potential underlying causes.

Lens Care Insights

Are Solutions Actually the Problem?

Though an important part of lens care and safety, contact lens solutions have the potential to cause a wide range of complications.

My Perspective

An Uncomfortable Truth

Throughout the years, poor lens comfort has been the number-one cause of contact lens dropout. It still is.


Contact Lenses May Improve Drug Delivery

Could drug-eluting contact lenses replace or augment traditional eye drops for chronic conditions?

In Brief

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.

Out of the Box

What Do You Do?

Shift your focus from what you 'do' to what you 'can do' for your patients when marketing your practice.

Pharma Science & Practice

We Will ROCK You

Rho-associated kinase inhibitors may offer new treatment options for our Fuchs’ dystrophy and bullous keratopathy patients.

The GP Experts

Setting The Record Straight

Address these three common GP lens concerns to ease the minds of your apprehensive patients.