April 2015


Is That Corneal Infiltrate Sterile or Infectious?

Differentiating between the two requires close observation and analysis. Here's a results-oriented approach.

Bringing Clarity to CLARE

Understanding and knowing how to treat this common contact lens complication can benefit both your patients and your practice.

Dry Eye: See It Through Their Eyes

Patient questionnaires quantify the subjective experience of the disease. Though vital for research, are they worth using in your practice?

Special Care Keeps Specialty Lens Wearers Safe

Contact lens care is a vital step to the continued safety and health of the contact lens patient. So how does lens care differ in the case of sclerals and other specialty lenses?


Corneal Consult

Managing Acute Corneal Hydrops in Keratoconus

Using a structured approach to determine which factors impede healing will lead to success with these often challenging scenarios.

Derail Dropouts

Five Steps to Increase Contact Lens Adherence

Getting patients to comply with lens wear and care guidelines is a well-known battle. Here are some points to make it a little easier.

Lens Care Insights

The Great Silicone Cover Up

A new lens surfacing option improves wettability and lubricity. How does it work?

My Perspective

Getting Serious About OSD

We have made huge strides in understanding dry eye disease, with more on the way.


Age and Astigmatic VA: No Link

Does age influence visual acuity in the presence of defocus and astigmatic blur?

In Brief

Here's a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Sclerals May Affect Corneal Nerves

Extended wear of fluid-filled scleral contact lenses may change corneal nerve function in certain patients.

Out of the Box

Are You a Mentalist?

Probably not. And neither are your staff members. Clear communication with your team is key to the success of your practice.

Pharma Science & Practice

Anti-VEGF in the Anterior Segment

Corneal neovascularization from contact lens overwear and other hypoxic events may respond to this posterior segment therapy.

The GP Experts

Troubleshooting GP Complications

Many GP lens problems are easily resolved once identified.