October 2015


Considering Keratitis: Critical Questions in Disease Management

Your approach to these four clinical challenges will influence the course of therapy and its outcome.

How to Fend Off Herpes and Varicella Zoster

Knowing how to manage these viral conditions, especially long-term, is key to saving your patients' vision.

Keeping the Bugs at Bay: Fungi and Protozoa in Contact Lens Wearers

Managing these infections can be challenging. Here's a breakdown of the most important points to remember.

Understanding Corneal Infection Care

Do you know the signs, symptoms and treatments for this uncommon yet devastating disease?


Lens Care Insights

Mucin: Friend or Foe?

Though vital to eye health in many ways, mucus--when overproduced--can interfere with contact lens wear. For good long-term results, reduce excess by targeting goblet cells.

My Perspective

Failure to Communicate

The CDC's latest MMWR reveals that contact lens compliance is embarrassingly low. What can we do about it?


In Brief

Here's a snapshot of what's happening in the industry.

Accelerated CXL Protocol, New Imaging Aid Keratoconus Care

A new surgical procedure may improve keratoconus treatment.

Out of the Box

A Sticky Situation

These tips can help ensure a consistent presentation among all staff members.

Pharma Science & Practice

Red Alert

Adenoviral infections remain the number one cause of urgent care visits to eye care practitioners' offices.

Practice Progress

Avoiding 'Tunnel Vision'

Break the habit of narrowly defining patients by their chief complaint and you'll improve your opportunities to promote contact lens wear.