October 2010


Fitting Tips for Presbyopic Success

Practitioners now have a wide range of multifocal lenses at their disposal. Get to know the pros and cons of each, so you can use them to your patients’ advantage.

Clinical Experience with SiHy Lenses for Astigmatism

One material does not fit all, so how do we choose the best option for each patient?

Marketing: The High-Technology Practice

Ensuring that the high-tech aspect of your practice is marketed properly to current and prospective patients is essential to your success.

The Well-Dressed Anterior Segment Practice

Investing in high-tech anterior segment equipment has a host of benefits for eye care practitioners, including improved diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease, reduced chair time and improved communication with other doctors.


Derail Dropouts

Which Modality is Best?

Individualize your contact lens prescribing habits to best meet each patient’s lifestyle and maximize compliance.

Down on the Pharm

Let’s Mix It Up

When the time comes to employ non-conventional treatment methods, will you know which agents to use and how much to prescribe?


Our Role in the Effort to Go Green

How can eye care practitioners do their share to protect the planet?

Gas-Permeable Strategies

The Balancing Act

Once the cause of corneal staining is determined, we must know which parameters to adjust to prevent future staining.

Lens Care Update

The Truth About Lysozyme

Is this protein a friend or foe? And, will the claims of a new contact lens solution make a difference?

Naked Eye

Brand Name, Private Label or Generic?

Help your patients to recognize the benefits, risks and costs of OTC medications.


What's the Solution?