November/December 2020


A New Era of Keratoconus Care

Learn how advances in diagnostics and treatment are turning the old paradigm on its head.

Four Troubleshooting Pearls For Scleral Lens Success

Early training can help scleral patients avoid lens wetting issues, midday fogging and other common problems that can lead to dropout.

Specialty Contact Lenses for the Diseased Cornea

When fit successfully, these medical devices can be a life-changer for appropriate patients.


Corneal Consult

The Answer’s in the Details

Comprehensively reviewing cases of uveitis will lead you to an accurate diagnosis.

Fitting Challenges

Fit the Patient, Not the Diagnosis

Carefully consider each contact lens wearer’s needs to ensure the right fit.

My Perspective

The COVID Story So Far

Researchers are exploring the virus’s ocular implications. Here’s what we currently know.

Practice Progress

Corneal GPs are Here to Stay

This modality has much to offer both practitioners and patients—just don’t forget these key tips at the onset.

The Big Picture

Don’t Burst Your Bubble

Conjunctival lymphangiectasis may be cosmetically troubling to patients but these benign lesions should be left undisturbed.

The GP Experts

Go Deeper With Annual Evaluations

There might be something going on beneath the patient’s claim of feeling fine.