May/June 2019


Contact Lens Wear and Its Disruption of the Tear Film

A better understanding of the intricacies of this relationship can help put patients’ discomfort and other issues into better context.

Does CXL for Keratoconus Improve Contact Lens Success?

A review of the literature shows scant evidence for this effect.

Fitting the Irregular Cornea: Nuts and Bolts

Here's a beginner's guide to help get you started.

Highlights from ARVO 2019: Abstract Review

Get the scoop on new research that may change your approach to many aspects of anterior segment care.


Corneal Consult

Trust the Process

Double-digit cylinder in a post-transplant eye can be daunting, but surgery can bring the number back down to earth and contact lenses can handle the rest.

Fitting Challenges

The More the Merrier

When an out-of-the-ordinary case presents, make sure you have options to fall back on.

My Perspective

The Mystique of Conjunctivochalasis

Be vigilant when examining the entire ocular surface to avoid confusion.

Practice Progress

Special Considerations for Specialty Lenses

Follow these four strategies for the best shot at success.

The Big Picture

Spread Too Thin

Patients with Terrien’s marginal degeneration should keep their safety glasses handy.

The GP Experts

Spirits in the Material World

What a lens is made of has huge implications for your ability to achieve a successful fit.