September/October 2019


Consider Sclerals For Dry Eye

This treatment option may require more care but provides patients with relief.

Getting Started with Scleral Lenses

Adding innovative technologies and services to your practice can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Multifocal Optics Expand the Reach of Scleral Lenses

This modality gives presbyopic patients the break they’ve been looking for. Follow this guide for the best results.

Navigating the Scleral Lens Maze

Here’s how to avoid these common mistakes and complications and work through them when they occur.

What Specular Microscopy Reveals About Your PatientsC.E.

Visualizing the corneal endothelium aids in the diagnosis and management of myriad corneal diseases.


Corneal Consult

Keep an Eye Out

Lisch corneal dystrophy is rare, but its unique appearance aids in its diagnosis.

Fitting Challenges

The Work-around

Don’t let conjunctival obstacles get in the way of scleral lens success.

My Perspective

Handle Sclerals With Care

Their expanded and accelerated use may raise some concerns yet to be identified.

Practice Progress

Success Starts With Communication

Sclerals are their own type of lens and must be presented accordingly to set realistic patient expectations right off the bat.

The Big Picture

A Dark Diagnosis

Iris melanoma patients face tough choices—and more so when the other eye is impaired, too.

The GP Experts

Dead Set on Sclerals

Consider these options before choosing a scleral lens fitting set.