October 2014


Stopping Corneal Erosion with Amniotic Membranes

This collagen-rich tissue is emerging as a new method for managing EBMD and recurrent corneal erosion. How does it perform clinically?

Dry Eye: Can You Tackle These Tough Cases?

Experts walk us through their approach to refractory disease. With multiple factors to address, opinions may differ. What's yours?

Keratoconus Surgery: The Shape of Things to Come

New diagnostic and operative techniques may soon benefit practitioners and patients.

Lamellar Surgery: The Bold New Look of Corneal Transplants

By selectively removing only diseased corneal layers, today's surgeons do more with less.


Corneal Consult

Containing the Epidemic: Complex Keratoconjunctivitis

The rise of an advanced form poses serious risks to patients. Here's how to get it under control—in the cornea and in the clinic.

Derail Dropouts

Treating Dry Eye—With Contacts

Commonly discouraged in cases of eye irritation, contact lenses can sometimes provide relief to patients with ocular surface disease.

Lens Care Insights

What's 'Bugging' Us About Contact Lens Solutions

Could FDA contact lens solution testing procedures introduced earlier this year help curb future Acanthamoeba outbreaks?

My Perspective

Observing Contact Lens Health Week

The CDC offers a helping hand to eye care practitioners. Let's take it!


Chronic Pain May Influence Dry Eye Disease

A new British study suggests a link between dry eye and chronic pain in female patients.

In Brief

New and noteworthy advances for practicing clinicians.

Who Isn't a Good Candidate for Refractive Surgery?

A variety of exclusion factors exist for refractive surgery. How do you determine which patients are good candidates?

Out of the Box

Yet Another List

All successful doctors do these four things—do you?

Pharma Science & Practice

Topical Delivery to the Posterior Segment—Finally a Reality?

A new report shows promising data. Which hurdles have been overcome, and which remain?