November/December 2023


Multifocal Troubleshooting

We present several cases and how to manage presbyopia patients while considering their lifestyles and optical needs.

Multifocal Contact Lens Designs: Know the Players

Become familiar with the numerous options in this quickly growing market to match your patients with the lens best suited for their needs.


Corneal Consult

Stop, Drop and Roll with It

Keratoconus will result in corneal hydrops in about 3% of patients. Here’s how to move forward when it’s encountered.

Fitting Challenges

Mismatch Made in Heaven: When GP Met Scleral

While different lens modalities can be complex for patients to manage, the right instance may lend itself as the best choice.

My Perspective

COVID-19 Redux

Let’s go over unanswered questions about the disease’s chances of ocular transmission.

The Big Picture

A Rough Patch

This rare disorder can cause Bitot spots without an underlying vitamin A deficiency.