November 2013


Insights from AAO 2013

Ten thought-provoking new ideas from the cornea and contact lens research presented at last month’s American Academy of Optometry meeting.

Is Wavefront Aberrometry a Good Fit for Contact Lens Practice?

Correcting for higher-order aberrations can confound practitioners. But new technology may improve visual outcomes with contact lenses.

Where Do We Stand in the Battle Against Resistant Bacteria?

The rise of resistant organisms threatens all facets of health care, but a number of strategies can help you gain the upper hand.


Derail Dropouts

Get the Word Out

Strategically marketing contact lenses to your patients will both prevent dropout and foster growth in your contact lens business.

Down on the Pharm

Exploring New Frontiers in Drug Delivery

Many new methods for ocular drug delivery are being developed to improve bioavailability and improve patient adherence.

Gas-Permeable Strategies

The Long Goodbye

Learn how to fit gas permeable contact lenses and communicate with your patients like a true Minnesotan.

Lens Care Update

The Cost of Compliance

The monetary cost of proper compliance can add up for patients, but the cost of non-compliance can be much higher.

My Perspective

It’s All About Trust

What can we do to foster an honest, trustworthy relationship with our patients?


Eyelids Linked to Contact Lens Discomfort, Study Finds

An international workshop seeks to understand the causes of contact lens discomfort.

Multifocals for Nearsightedness

Soft multifocal lenses are being used to correct for myopia.

Out of the Box

Passing the Test

Give new concepts in your practice a trial run before making them official policy.