May/June 2023


A Closer Look at High-Tech Contact Lenses

These cutting-edge technologies are now becoming a reality, but where do they currently stand?

Building a Medical Contact Lens Practice

Seven pros detail their opinions on how to start and maintain a specialty focus, the difficult cases they encounter and their best advice for long-term success.

Lessons Learned at ARVO 2023

A review of 14 intriguing and clinically practical cornea and contact lens research papers presented at this year’s meeting.


Corneal Consult

A Stitch in Time

Learning the common corneal complications of sutures will help you manage patients when symptoms present.

Fitting Challenges

Keepin’ It Simple(ish)

Here’s a case in which mild irregularity allowed for soft toric multifocal success.

My Perspective

Sudden Pop-up of Hydrops

Are we seeing more cases today in patients with keratoconus? If so, why?

The Big Picture

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Pigmented iris lesions need not always be cause for concern.

The GP Experts

A Notch Above the Rest

Low-cost modification with power tools customizes a complex scleral lens fit.