September/October 2023


Bumps Along the Way

With scleral lens usage growing, it’s imperative to understand the potential complications you may encounter during fitting. Here’s how to recognize and rectify them.

10 Scleral Lens Design Tips From the Pros

Experts share their advice and best practices to help you optimize your own approach.

Imaging the Scleral Profile for Enhanced Results

Advanced technologies can be of value in the design and fitting process.

Step Into Sclerals

These tips will help you master initial lens care for new patients.


Corneal Consult

Dystrophy Dilemma

Distinguishing between the many corneal types that exist can be a challenge.

Fitting Challenges

The Optometric PB&J

This case of high, yet symmetrical, astigmatism fit perfectly for bitoric GPs.

My Perspective

Toxicity: Easy as ADC

Look out for corneal changes caused by certain therapeutic agents used for cancer.

The Big Picture

Buckle Up

Scleral thinning due to systemic granulomatosis complicates an already tricky case.