May/June 2017


A War on Two Fronts: Combat Dry Eye and Allergy in Contact Lens Wearers

Preventing contact lens dropout in patients with multiple complications can be challenging, but these tips and tricks can help.

Contact Lenses and Comfort: It’s a Material World

New materials, surface treatments, coatings and moisture networks mean one thing: better comfort for contact lens wearers.

Five Ways to Connect Lens Care with Comfort

Finding a lens care system that fits your patients’ needs while maintaining comfort can be tricky, but these tips can help.

Highlights from ARVO 2017: Abstract Review

Dive into some new cornea and contact lens care studies with the help of an expert.

It's All About the Tear Film

When dealing with ocular dryness and contact lens discomfort, your first move should be to look at the tears.


Corneal Consult

Don’t Let HSK Heterogeneity Fool You

Its highly variable nature often thwarts diagnosis and complicates treatment.

Fitting Challenges

Building a Better Bandage Lens

Patients in need of pain relief deserve the comfort and protection that customization can provide.

My Perspective

Passive Verification Doesn’t Work

The Contact Lens Rule’s current prescription verification system potentially could be putting patients at risk.



Dry Eye Disease | Scleral Lenses | Corneal Nerves | Human Amniotic Membranes

Pharma Science & Practice

Allergy and CLs: The Seasonal Battle

With springtime upon us, know the solutions for your patients’ allergy issues.

Practice Progress

A One-Two Punch to Beat Dry Eye

First, give the patient symptomatic relief, then focus on finding long-term solutions.

The Big Picture

Too Much of a Good Thing

Extreme overwear of a bandage contact lens let this opportunistic inection flourish.

The GP Experts

Deterring Discomfort Dropouts

While contact lens discontinuation is as prevalent as ever, practitioners do have several effective methods to counteract it.