March 2015


A Systematic Look at the Ocular Surface

The tear film is the nexus of many seemingly distinct structures and clinical entities. Be mindful of such links when managing OSD.

Mastering the Mechanics of Ocular Allergy

An expert reveals the complex inner workings of this seemingly simple condition, to help you deliver appropriately targeted therapy.

Rethinking GPC: A New Look at an Old Problem

How well do you know this common contact lens complication?

Unmasking the Dry Eye Masqueraders

A patient presents with all the classic signs of dry eye disease. But what if it’s not that simple?


Derail Dropouts

Follow Through with the Fitting

Completing the contact lens evaluation only gets you halfway to success.

Lens Care Insights

In Search of Standards

The ISO recently announced a new method to assess the safety of contact lens products. Will the FDA follow suit?

My Perspective

Doxycycline: A Wonder Drug?

In an age of narrowly targeted pharmaceutical indications, this decades-old drug is surprisingly versatile.


In Brief

Here's a snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Study: Microbial Keratitis Moves to the ’burbs

A new study suggests incidence of keratitis is highest in patients who live in suburban areas.

Telescopic Scleral Lenses May Ease AMD Burden

A telescopic lens design may give AMD patients a more subtle way to improve their vision.

Out of the Box

Don't Get Outshined Online

Anyone who provides superlative customer service has the potential to show you up.

Pharma Science & Practice

A Sneak Peek at Next-gen Drugs to Treat Allergic Conjunctivitis

Researchers continue to make strides in reducing the impact of this common condition. Here’s a look at the latest steps.

The GP Experts

Dry Spell

Be sure to consider a variety of possible contributors when evaluating patients for GP lens-related dryness.